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Online Examination Software For Skill Evaluation Lab

Online Examination Software For Skill Evaluation Lab

Online examination software help to test the skills of students. Exams are necessary for every schools/college. Leading an exam for educational centers has dependably been troublesome. In any case, the time, exertion and money related imperatives to directing an evaluation have been advanced with the entry of online appraisal. These days, teachers are endeavoring to supplant the customary paper evaluation with an online equal trying to spare paper and streamline the procedure for faculties and teachers. Notwithstanding, this progress in itself is turned out to be dangerous for some teachers. Use online examination software as a skill evaluation lab which is a very easy platform to generate a test.

Skill Evaluation Lab is an online exam software that can be utilized by a test maker to create a computer-based online examination for students. This is how to conduct online exam using Skill Evaluation Lab.

Features of online exam skill evaluation lab :

Manage question and answer types:

There are seven types of questions

1)Single Choice

2) Multiple Choice

3) True False

4) Fill In The Blanks

5) Match The Following

6) Matrix Match

7) Descriptive Question

1 to 6 types is an objective type question and 7 type to allow only subjective type question. You choose your question type.

Various exam setting:

One can define exam test name, Set time period and set numbers of exam’s attempt, Set Login set up for the examiner. Edit test option for test administrator.

Update the test:

Settings of Publishing question paper to appear for students. One can set a date and time and login authentication this functionality of online exam software breaks the chain of question paper leakage.

Live analysis of examiner activities:

At anywhere, One can analyze the overview of how many examiners are log in presently on exams and how are complete the exams? According to Skill Evaluation Lab, Multiple logins with the similar username is not allowed. If examiner exit without log out then the system will maintain a login session. At that time, the administrator can unlock the session.

Result analysis:

One can analyze the results of exams and also compare it. Different settings are available for result analysis.


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