Today information technology is playing an increasingly important role in the field of education. Online exam software are becoming one of the most effective and easy solutions for conducting online assessments. Online assessment is a procedure to answer questions to test the specific abilities and characteristics in order to make legal and instructional decisions about […]

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The ConductExam Mobile App

ConductExam mobile app

There is a penetrated influence of mobile in almost all the spheres of life making it more better and faster. Mobiles and Smart phones provide a better and more engaging way of imparting education. The number of mobile users, today, is greater than the number of desktop users! The mobile apps have become one of […]

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MCQ: The Best Preffered Exam Format For Online Examinations

mcq-pref format

Examinations are regular, most common student assessment and evaluation method in schools,colleges and universities. Examination Formats Includes: 1) Multiple choice, 2) True/False, 3) Match the following, 4) Short answer, 5) Essay, 6) Oral, and 7) Computational. Multiple choice questions are a well-established, reliable method of assessing knowledge, helping teachers to test a large number of […]

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Online Examinations are the latest technique of conducting examinations through the Internet. Online Exams are capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernization of the exam techniques. Online Exams are becoming one of the most effective and easy solutions for conducting tests […]

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